Concept work for the world’s first whisky matured deep underground in the old copper mines of Outokumpu, Finland.
Name Vaski is an archaic Finnish word for copper, it was chosen to emphasize the historic roots of old Outokumpu mines.
The design itself is a product of straightforward creative thinking. The shape of the bottle resembles a lander used by miners descending underground. When you look at the inside of the bottle, you will find the embossing similar to the walls of the mines. One could see dancing figures projected on the wall when light shines through the bottle.
The monogram depicts two overlapping V’s forming letter X, which as we all know marks the spot. More hidden meaning comes from the location itself, Outokumpu, which literally translates into English as Strange Hill.
The eye-catching big and bold copper medal depicts a miner at work. The light shining through the entrance takes the viewer down to the mines and back up to the surface.
Rinse and repeat, a workers’ whisky through and through.

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