Project Minerva celebrates strong, fair and inspiring female leadership. 

It draws its inspiration from the ancient Roman goddess Minerva. She was believed to be goddess of wisdom, justice, law, victory and sponsor of arts, trade and strategy.

Minerva is usually depicted as a strong athletic figure, wearing a spear and a shield. The medal on the bottle features a bust of Minerva circled by words “ACCIPE QUOD TIBI VITA OFFERT ET EX OMNI POCULO BIBAS”, which in English means “Take what life offers you and drink from every cup”. Followed by “IN VINO VERITAS”, which translates to “In wine there is truth”. The medal also features Minerva’s spear to complete her appearance.

After opening the secondary packaging, which features an illustration of Minerva, one will find the bottle wrapped in thin translucent paper. 

The idea was to mimic a feeling of an ancient goddess being shrouded in mystery. To complete the design, a final touch was added on the wax seal. A stamp of Minerva.

In vino veritas!
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