The name stands for itself, Visually Tasty is about mouth-watering designs. We celebrate the unseen diversity, and by we I mean me, my wife and our dog.
VT was born out of one man's dream, and that would be mine, of creating something beautiful, unexpected but most of all unique. While the marketing world is buzzing and fussing about bold and minimalistic designs, I stay true to my approach. I love details, rich and complex designs that stand out on the shelfs. I want people to think, to indulge and tingle their senses as much as their imagination and curiosity.
They put people on the moon, on several occasions, and the whole world changed. I would love to be able to do the same, within reason of course. We are not engineers nor rocket scientists, but we are dreamers. And in the end it all boils down to crafting visually tasty designs, something you’d love to have, but never quite knew you would.
To sum it up, I specialise in conceptual packaging designs for spirits, wine and beer. And this also includes crafting visual identities, secondary packagings, naming and ridiculously detailed 3D visualisations.
Conceptual designs in my mind are a product of my imagination and craftsmanship. And no, I won’t dive into that over-saturated minimalism, also you most likely won’t see me using stock content, such as illustrations or photos, not to mention AI generated things. I like to do things on my own, and I am very good at it. For example everything you see here has been done by me, by one person, from initial idea to a concept and finally a finished product.
When it comes to 3D visualisations things get a bit more technical but let’s just say that it is pretty damn hard to tell the difference between a photograph and a 3D render that I have made. The amount of time I have spent refining my workflow really enables me to create beautiful and detailed images. You can use them in your marketing, hang them on the wall and let the beauty speak for itself.
With whom I work?
I am on a hunt to find like-minded people, but in the end I, like so many others, am trying to find my little happy corner in this batshit crazy world.
As a one man show I obviously have limitations, and I take a limited amount of projects per year. Ideally I think I work best with small producers, or teams. Less is usually better, and what they say about having too many chefs is pretty much bang on.
To phrase the age old wisdom, which I came up with at the ripe age of 14. “Ketä panematta kuolee, se saamatta jää” which roughly translates into English as “Who dies without putting, remains without getting.”
If any of this resonates with you then let’s talk! And in any case, thanks for popping by, I hope you liked my work.